Beetle Control Beaumont

There are many varieties of Beaumont beetles living in the area but our beetle control experts are here to help you. We can help you identify and exterminate the type of beetle trying to invade your home.

While beetles aren’t necessarily harmful they are a pest nonetheless. The most common beetle types around the area include:

  • Ground Beetles

    beetle control beaumont
    Are beetles invading your home or work place? We have quality solutions that can help.
  • Clown Beetles
  • Rove Beetles
  • Stag Beetles
  • Ladybird Beetles (aka Ladybug)

And many more that we cannot list on one page. We can treat any type of beetle so should you discover a beetle issue in or near your home, call us right away. Some beetles will eat vegetation so if you have a garden or flowerbed you will want to take care of the beetles right away.

Beetles make up 1/5 of the 1.5 million species that live on the earth. Pine Sawyer beetles are native to California measuring up to 2 1/2 inches long. They typically eat wood and are attracted to light so it’s not uncommon to find one landing on your window or door during the night if you have a porch light on.

If you have noticed an increase in the beetles around your property or even in your home you need to call our beetle control experts right away at (951) 867-4955. We can schedule a time to inspect the issue and give you an estimate with a treatment plan specifically created for your problem.