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Beaumont California Pest & Termite receives numerous inquiries regarding flea removal options. Many of us automatically try to treat a flea issue in our home before we even consider calling a professional pest control company to remove the fleas for us. Unfortunately, in-home treatments aren’t always effective and you might be surprised at how affordable our flea removal options are.

Fleas don’t have wings but rather get from one host to another by jumping. They can jump 14 to 16 inches away. Fleas typically become a problem when we have animals. They end up on your cat or dog and the animal brings the fleas into the home. However, just being in an area, maybe not around your own home, that has fleas puts you at risk of bringing them to your home without being aware you are doing so.

How to Discover Fleas

Fleas are rather tiny, 1/12″ to 1/6″ in size so they can be spotted by the human eye but we don’t always notice them because they quickly jump away before you can catch them. Look over your pet thoroughly to determine if it is covered in fleas. You should also look on your pet and any areas your pet often lays or sleeps, including their bedding, for flea feces. Flea feces looks like dirt but it’s actually dried blood. If you find what appears to be dirt, on your pet or their bedding, rub it between your fingers with a little bit of water. If it’s red, you have discovered flea feces!

If you suspect or know for a fact that you have fleas in your home, let Beaumont California Pest & Termite help you now! Combating a flea problem in your home can be challenging. For each flea you discover there are generally hundreds more that go undetected. Do not let fleas invade your house. Call Beaumont California Pest & Termite at (951) 867-4955 today!